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Death Recovery (24.03.2015)
New MTX Product
Forgot to buy a life insurance and died? Then we have a brand new offer for you, the Death Recovery for 700 Platinum. Please note that this product is not the same as an insurance and only valid for 12 hours after the most recent death.

Ingame Privacy
We made some adjustments to protect your ingame privacy. From now on, you can only get detailed information on another character when you are on each others friends list.

Supported Fansites
Stokecen, the admin of NewsTibiaME has retired and requested to remove his website from the supported fansite programme. We want to thank him for his great work and support, and wish him all the best for his future plans.
New Island (17.03.2015)
World 17 (11.03.2015)
Connection Problems (06.03.2015)
The Fall of Carneiro (02.03.2015)
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