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> Highscores bug
 Realerza w6
Posts: 2
18.10.2013 14:38
may i knw what's the problem with best/worse hunter world6? I cant see the new rank list.
 WM-Molodoy w13
Posts: 574
18.10.2013 17:33
There was some problem on official server, Top Hunters list will be working again not sooner than Oct 20.
 Realerza w6
Posts: 2
19.10.2013 14:10
owh okay
 Sieva w18
Posts: 2
21.10.2013 13:53
Sieva [18] wrote:
 Angra w29
Posts: 12
22.10.2013 01:23
Hitz [19] wrote:
angra. buy platinum di trade house itu ngga bisa full exp soalnya itu memang ga bisa bikin kamu jadui VIP player
terima kasi ku saksi salam doa di aku
Mandarinn w18
Posts: 10
23.10.2013 09:11
mandarin 18w warrior
Yongky w16
Posts: 1
01.03.2014 03:37
Gm, i have question. My char astral world16. I buy platinum and premium too. At now i still have premium time. I have rank too in explorer rank. But why i never listed in high score. And other player listed with only hundred ep in 1day. The questions is. What criteria for a word "best" ? And what benefit of premium if like that? Thanks
 Bokept w2
Posts: 2
22.03.2014 16:08
bokept w2 masih gak ad datanya disini??
Batwarrior w13
Posts: 21
19.04.2014 10:27
please update jewel of experience again 12k in boss
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